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Product overview and how to apply liquid wax

A complete range of liquid wax applicators for all users


NZERO Alpine Ski Applicator


- Formula for the reduction of friction during descents.
- Carving skis, downhill and telemark.
- Maximised gliding properties.
- Use outdoors, or indoor slopes.


Mountain Touring

NZERO Touring Applicator

 - Anti snow sticking formula with maximised protection for your skins.

- Ensures optimum gliding.

- For all types of skins, including splitboard.



NZERO Snowboard Applicator

 - Maximum coverage and highest glide properties.

- Formulated for the base of snowboards. -

- Freeride, freestyle, carving and powder.

- Use outdoors, or indoors.


Cross Country skier

NZERO Cross-Country Applicator

 - Maximised gliding properties over undulating terrain.

- For skate and classic ski styles.


How to apply with maximised results? Easy! Four simple steps...

Applicator with lid off

Step 1

Prepare the surface by removing any dirt and dust.

Optimum results obtained applying at home, but can be applied on the slopes in non-freezing temps.

Applying liquid wax in circles

Step 2

Press the applicator and its sponge vertically into the surface of the board, or ski.

Smoothing wax across surface with applicator

Step 3

Uniformly spread the applied wax across the entire surface.

Polishing in lñiquid wax

Step 4

Wait a couple of minutes, then polish the surface and remove any excess wax using a soft felt, or soft hair brush.