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A complete range for all kind of Organic Snow Passionates!

Snowboard / Cross Country / Alpine Skiing / Alpine Touring

We care for the Environment as much as we do for our Riders!

NZERO Bike are performance formulas based on vegetables and natural additives. Rejected is the use of any type of ingredient of mineral origin. A complete solution for cyclists with the highest levels of sustainability.

100% bio focus, natural additives

Our organic waxes and lubes are made with plant-based, natural ingredients. A perfect blend of biological extracts with no toxic additives. Our main objective: Maximum enjoyment and sustainable outdoor activities.

100% innovation

More than five years of co-operation with international laboratories, using the newest technologies and innovative natural additives. Result: New sustainable, ecological solutions with market leading features.

100% effective

Protect your material and ensure its optimum performance. Provides the maximum effectivity, improving control and complying with the highest requirements, including professional users.