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Product overview and how to apply solid Wax

A complete range of solid waxes

NZERO universal white

NZERO Universal / Base Formula

 - All types of outdoor snow

- +5ºC to -5ºC

- Hot iron temperature: 95ºC to 100ºC


NZERO yellow warm

NZERO Warm Formula

 - Wet snow conditions 

- 0ºC to -6ºC

- Hot iron temperature: 100ºC to 110ºC


NZERO cold wax pink

NZERO Cold Formula

- Dry snow conditions

- -4ºC to -12ºC

- Hot iron temperature: 110ºC to 120ºC


NZERO NZERO solid liquid wax patented

NZERO Extra Cold Formula

 - Dry powder conditions, also Dry Slope and Indoor usage

- -10ºC to -30ºC

- Hot iron temperature: upto 120ºC


Learn how to apply our waxes for perfect results

Preparing cleaning ski surface

Step 1

Prepare and clean the base surface of dirt, dust and any previous treatments. We recommend that you repeat this process a few times before continuing.

Melting wax hot iron

Step 2

Using a hot iron set to the temperature recommended in the product pack, melt the wax and apply uniformly across the surface of the ski, or board.

Removing excess ski wax

Step 3

Scrape the complete surface using a scraping tool. Repeat this process until all excess wax has been removed.

Final polishing of wax surface

Step 4

Polish the complete surface (gradually applying softer brushes) until achieving an ideal finish and a maximised shine.