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Product information and how to apply bike lube

Premium, High Performance, Organic Lubricant


Developed in the laboratory

 - Installation with the latest equipment.

- Intensive testing and analysis.

- Highly qualified team.


NZERO Gear and transmission efficient lubrication

Engineered for Lowest friction

 - Exceptional wear reduction characteristics

- Provides the highest levels of efficiency for your gear changes and transmission.


corrosion resistance

Maximised Corrosion resistance

 - Maximum protection against corrosion.

- Protects metallic parts, extending their useful life.


Bike Stream

Water and weather resistant

 - Highest levels of water repellency.

- Ideal for usage all-year-round, rain, snow or sunshine, or if your route passes streams and rivers!




How to apply and get the most from our lubricant



Wet Lube 100ml or 500ml

 - 100ml: Ideal for ease of application, or for carrying on trips, or long rides (approx. 80 lubrications).

- 500ml: 'Pro' size (approx. 400 lubrications).



Step 1: Clean the chain

- With already clean chains, directly apply the lube.

 -If the chain is dirty, clean it first with water and soap, or NZERO Degreaser.


Lubricating the chain

Step 2: Apply the lubricant

 - Apply drops to the interior of each chain link

- Continue whilst rotating the chain using the pedal.

- In dry weather use sparingly, wet weather apply more


Remove excess

Step 3: Remove any excess

- Clean the excess

- If a drop falls to the floor, don´t worry NZERO is organic!

- Maintain the chain with a good level of lubrication, add more when required