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Product information and how to apply NZERO Lube

Developed in the laboratory


Engineered for Lowest friction 

NZERO Gear and transmission efficient lubrication 

Maximised Corrosion resistance 

corrosion resistance 

Water and weather resistant 

Bike Stream





How to apply and get the most from our lubricant



Wet Lube 100ml or 500ml

 - 100ml: Ideal for ease of application, or for carrying on trips, or long rides (approx. 80 lubrications).

- 500ml: 'Pro' size (approx. 400 lubrications).


Step 1: Clean the chain

- With already clean chains, directly apply the lube.

 -If the chain is dirty, clean it first with water and soap, or NZERO Degreaser.


Step 2: Apply the lubricant

 - Apply drops to the interior of each chain link

- Continue whilst rotating the chain using the pedal.

- In dry weather use sparingly, wet weather apply more


Remove excess

Step 3: Remove any excess

- Clean the excess

- If a drop falls to the floor, don´t worry NZERO is organic!

- Maintain the chain with a good level of lubrication, add more when required