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Bike WET Lube NZERO 100ml


-  A NEW CONCEPT for your bicycle: Natural ingredients, totally biodegradable. Matches, or exceeds the performance of market leading crude oil-based alternatives. 

- Free of PTFE, PFOA, Ceramics, Paraffins and Silicone.
- Free of Nano components.
- Recyclable bottle, with easy-apply twist cap.
- Repels water and inhibits corrosion.
- Ultra durable, long lasting.
- Incredibly low coefficient of friction: Improves the performance of your chain, gearing and moving componentry.

- For the chain of every bike : Road, Mountain MTB, Urban, electric eBike, Gravel. Many uses, also lubricates and protects cables, gear shift levers, derailleurs, and pedals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Marc P
Perfect all-round lube

Using Nzero Wet Lube for about 2 years now it is one of the better lubes I had for my road bike and gravel bike. Long lasting, perfect rolling, smooth shifting and not attracting too much dirt for a wet lube.
Can't see why I would go back to a non-organic or any other product.

Quality lube

I bought this for lubricating the chain of my Mountain Bike. Fantastic! The gear changes became super smooth and stayed like that for multiple rides over many Km (100Km+). Easy to apply, but not too liquid staying on the chain with minimum dirt attraction for such a highly lubricating product. And its 100% sustainable!!